Supporters of Northside Athletics

Supporters of Northside Athletics,

On behalf of Northside Athletic Department, Athletic Director/ Head Football Kevin Kinsler and the Booster Club, we would like to thank you for your continued support for the young people of Northside High and the Athletic Department.

Were you aware that no local, state or federal funding can be used towards athletics? That means the Board of Education’s budget can’t be used towards funding uniforms, equipment or any other items needed to run the athletic program, only facilities can be budgeted. Your donations make it possible for our athletic programs to purchase equipment, referees, uniforms and many other needs necessary to run a program. The support of the community is what helps our programs continue to be a success.


Here is an example of items your donations purchase for all sports:

  • Uniforms – Awards
  • Practice clothes – Referees
  • Food for travel – weight room equipment
  • Travel expenses – player equipment
  • Equipment for 18 sports – fees
  • Field maintenance – video and training equipment
  • Locker room equipment – and much more


In years past we have had Corporate Sponsor Drives to raise funds for athletics. This year (and going forward) the Booster Club will be implementing a new fundraising concept- to simplify the process for everyone. 300 Spots for $200 is replacing fundraising used in the past for Corporate Sponsors.

The Booster Club and Athletic Department will be selling 300- $200  Spots. You may purchase as many spots as you like (we have seen this done with great success at other programs around the state).  The athletic department will have a billboard sign in front of Northside with 300 spots. Each time a spot is sold the business or individuals name will go up on the  sign. This sign will stay on display throughout the year for all to see.

Banners will be made to hang at all athletic events to display the sponsors names at football, basketball, baseball games etc. The list of sponsors will be on all Northside Athletic web sites and all athletic social media. Each sponsor will receive recognition that can be displayed at their business to show their support for Northside High Athletics.

Each sponsor that buys multiple spots will be listed for each spot purchased. For example if a business buys 3 spots for $600, you will be listed 3 times and recognized for each spot. There is no limit to the number of spots a business or individual can purchase.

Please see the attached sponsorship form to make your donation and information on payment. I would like to again thank the local businesses and individuals that have been loyal supporters through the years and thank the new supporters for all you do to help our kids be successful. It is our sincere hope that the 300 for $200 will be a great way to support Northside Athletics without a huge burden, by many giving a little, to help us reach our goal.

It’s Great to be a Northside Eagle!


Thank You

Kevin Kinsler AD/ Head Football

Jeff Jones Booster Club President


Sponsorship form